Peace of nature

In Loimaa, the nature is always present – witness the expansive stretches of field and relaxing forests, through which the river Loimijoki cuts.

The forest of Loimaa are home to various nature and wellness trails. The forests and the trails offer excellent opportunities for trail running, mountain biking, hiking, mushroom picking, yoga, and relaxation. The gravel roads that cut through the stretches of field offer alternative routes through the rural landscape. The river Loimijoki and its tributaries invite paddlers, standup paddleboarders, and anglers.

The Harjureitti nature trail, which is also known as Little Lapland, offers exercise opportunities and nature experiences throughout the year: in the winter you have access to excellent and versatile cross-country skiing routes, from spring to autumn you can enjoy hiking, running, and biking on the trails, and in the autumn you can also pick berries and mushrooms. Time and place disappear in the quiet heath forest.

Enjoy a refreshing swim at the Melliläjärvi beach oasis. Melliläjärvi is an artificial lake with clear, sparkling water. The beach includes a diving tower, a children’s pool, changing rooms and outside showers, and a kiosk in the summertime. Work up a sweat on the adjacent beach volleyball courts, the 18-hole Disc golf park, or the exercise track circling the lake and cool down with a refreshing plunge into the water!

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