Useful information

Tourist information

More information about the tourist offerings in Loimaa and the surrounding areas is available from the tourist information desk, which is managed by the employees of the Sarka museum. Check the service hours from the Sarka museum website.


Loimaa can offer versatile sights and experience to diverse groups, tasty meals at restaurants, cafés, and private restaurants, and comfortable accommodation options for longer stays.

Assemble your own vacation package based on the information included on the website or contact the tourist information desk or the guide services and allow us to tailor the perfect package for you.

Guide services

The authorized guides of Loimaan Seudun Matkailuoppaat ry are at your service. The association has worked actively to publicize the Loimaa region since 1990. The operating area of the association includes all municipalities in the Loimaa region: Aura, Koski Tl, Loimaa, Marttila, Oripää, and Pöytyä.

See, hear, and experience more with a guide – contact us!

Arriving in Loimaa

Loimaa is located in southwestern Finland, by the side of the Finnish national road 9, halfway between Turku and Tampere. The Finnish national road 2 cuts through the northern side of the town, and Helsinki can be reached in approximately two hours by car or train. Thus, Loimaa is close and always along your way, whether going south or north, east or west.

Loimaa has a railway station with several train services running through the station each day on both weekdays and weekends. The closest airports are in Turku and in Pirkkala next to Tampere.

Links to train and bus timetables are included below.