Theaters and cinema

In the summertime, you can enjoy hilarious performances at the Kertunmäki and Krekilän Mylly summer theaters. The versatile and atmospheric Loimaan Teatteri produces shows for all ages ranging from drama to comedy and from children’s plays to musical performances. At Kinema Loimaa you can find the latest films, senior matinées, and L-Kino rarities, as well as the Oopperakino screenings!

Kertunmäen Kesäteatteri
Oripääntie 355,
32200 LOIMAA
puh. 040 5742 065

Krekilän Myllyn Kesäteatteri
Niinijoentie 316,
32200 LOIMAA
puh. 044 238 7571

Loimaan Teatteri
Juvantie 11,
32200 LOIMAA
puh. 0500 726 573

Kinema Loimaa
Vesikoskenkatu 21,
32200 LOIMAA
puh. 010 420 5091